The art of
complexity taming



Things are simple!
If you want something – ask for it. If you don’t like something – say it. If you think you can do better – do your best. If you have a different opinion – let’s discuss it. If you have an idea – suggest it.


Discussing ideas, testing new technologies and experimenting with new ways is actually what makes our jobs exciting and fun. That is why we embraced agility and became open to change.  We choose to listen to each other and co-create our future.


We indeed value the power of knowledge sharing. No one knows it all, but when all of our different knowledge and experiences unite, we can do so much more together.


By being direct, open and by sharing the knowledge, we create a feedback culture.

It is often not easy to recognize and acknowledge mistakes, to ask for help, to share an unusual idea, to try a new approach, but we tend to be authentic and give authentic feedback.

We cultivate and live our values, and by doing so, each day we learn and create excellent software.


At TACTA we believe that – on a long term – the only reliable source of truth is within the delivered artefacts – the source code itself. Source code needs to fulfil the demands of the client and deliver the exact functionalities gathered throughout the process. Nothing more and nothing less. Tests within the source code, need to ‘document’ its exact behavior. The code needs to be well structured and easy to read. As such, source code must be able to ‘outlive’ the team working on it, so that any new members or a new team can easily understand and continue working on it. To achieve this, it is essential to have active and frequent feedback on all levels of the development process. Each step, whether it is a line of code or an accomplished release must have immediate feedback in order to keep the development on the right track.








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